"I have used the services of Joel for many years now for all our signage around the Park. During this time, he has helped me transform the standard of our existing signage package, helping to create a uniformity of both quality and design which has been an integral part of the development of the Park itself."

Nigel Burnett - General Manager, Wellington Country Park


Due to the good summer weather it has been a very busy year at the park with lots of exciting events and new features. As always we have continued to work closely with the park manager Nigel Burnett and his team in order supply the high standard of signage and display works required. As with previous years a large number of freestanding sign structures have been erected for the information and theme apparatus within the park. This is designed with the consistent specification used throughout the park to reflect its rural location.


This incorporates the use of rustic wooden posts and cut to shape aluminium panels in ivory. All of the signage and graphics are finished with the corporate
brand identity for the estate in the brown and red colours. The numerous event boards and banners for marketing the park throughout the year have also been supplied and installed.


The season is now coming to an end but we are currently working on the design and implementation for freestanding information panels. These are to be installed aside the numerous ‘dinosaur’ structures that arrived this year to the surprise and pleasure to all of the parks visitors. A big thank you goes to Nigel and all of his staff for making us at Storm feel part of the team.

Wellington Country Park - Storm Signs

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